Solar Thermal Tube Collector VIESSMANN VITOSOL 200-T SP2A 3,03M2

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Take advantage of these benefits

  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Constant high performance without risk of contamination
  • Vacuum tube collector based on the heat pipe principle for high operational reliability
  • Requires less surface area than a flat-plate collector
  • Great flexibility in installation because it can be installed in virtually any position

Impressive on balconies, in both appearance and performance

The Vitosol 200-T SP2A vacuum tube collector is equally impressive on façades, balconies, pitched roofs and in large solar plants. With its elegant design, it is also an attractive architectural feature. It is suitable for both small and large systems.

It offers high output values due to the vacuum insulation inside the tubes and the highly effective thermal insulation with melamine resin foam in the header casing.

The heat pipe principle ensures reliable operation. Absorber surfaces integrated into in the vacuum tubes allow it to provide constantly high output with no risk of contamination.

Maximum heat transfer with Duotec

To maximise heat transfer, the condensers are completely enclosed in the patented stainless steel Duotec twin pipe heat exchanger.

The Vitosol 200-T SP2A offers great flexibility in installation, with mounting in virtually any position. For rapid installation, the heating contractor requires just two mounting rails per module.

Heat pipe principle

In heat pipe systems, the solar medium does not flow directly through the tubes. Instead, a process medium evaporates inside the heat pipe below the absorber and transfers the heat to the heat transfer medium via the Duotec twin pipe heat exchanger.

ESOP Online

ESOP Online provide you with a calculation program for solar thermal systems, which you can use to compare and contrast various product configurations and combinations and their cost effectiveness.

Once you have entered all the required parameters, ESOP calculates the standard values for the insolation energy and the resulting system yield, as well as the percentage of your total energy demand covered by the various different combination options.




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Solar Thermal Tube Collector VIESSMANN VITOSOL 200-T SP2A 3,03M2

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Gross area: 1.98 / 2.36 / 4.62 m² (10 / 12 / 24 tubes)
Absorber area: 1.26 / 1.51 / 3.03 m² (10 / 12 / 24 tubes)
Optical efficiency (with reference to the absorber area): 78.5 / 80.1 / 80.1 % (10 / 12 / 24 tubes)
Collector type: Vacuum tube collector
Design: Dark blue collector casings and absorber surfaces form a visually seamless whole
Application range: Residential buildings, commerce, municipal offices | new build and modernisation
Installation type: For installation on flat and pitched roofs and for freestanding installation. A special balcony module (1.26 m² absorber area) with a lower installed height is available for use on balcony railings.
Additional features: For the heating of DHW, central heating and swimming pool water via heat exchangers as well as for the generation of process heat.


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The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems. This family enterprise was founded in 1917, has 12,100 employees, and the group’s turnover amounts to € 2.37 billion Euro. With 23 production companies in 12 countries, distribution companies and representative offices in 74 countries and 120 sales offices throughout the world, Viessmann is truly international in its orientation. 55 percent of turnover is generated abroad.

As a family business Viessmann takes the long view and places great value on acting responsibly; sustainability is firmly enshrined in the company’s principles. For Viessmann, sustainability in action means striking a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility throughout the company; meeting current needs without compromising the quality of life of future generations. Join our ZERO Home Bills CommunityThe BEST Products from the BEST Brands at the BEST Retail Prices for ZERO Home Bills on by Solaranna.

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Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 212.7 × 204.3 × 14.3 cm
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SOLAR THERMAL, Collectors, Solar Thermal Panels



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