Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

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Fluidic oscillation heat meters for many flow rates 

Based on the static measurement principle, the Superstatic 440 provides solutions for low to very high flow rates (qp 1.5 – 1500 m3/h). One important element is the multifunctional calculator that can be equipped with various communication interfaces. The removable measuring head allows efficient re-calibration.

Dismantling and assembly costs are significantly reduced because only the measuring head needs to be changed. Complex interventions in the pipe system are unnecessary. The Superstatic 440 measuring head is the same for any flow rate, thus simplifying planning. The use of high-quality corrosion resistant materials ensures the measurements stability and working reliability during several calibration periods. In the German district heating association AGFW-Wärmezähler Prüfprogramm IV, the static heat meters with nominal flows qp 1.0 m³/h and qp 3.5 m³/h received the top grade of 5 stars for measurement precision and stability.
Sontex provides many installation lengths according to EN1434, various materials such as ductile cast iron and can thus be used in a great variety of uses.

The Superstatic 440 is completed by a multifunctional calculator. This can be battery- or mains-powered and offers the entire range of Sontex communication modules. This guarantees an extremely wide range of uses and simple integration in every district and proximity heating network or building management system.

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Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

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Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter
Supplier Part No: SC531/SS440 Qp3.5 for Glycol
Weight: 5.795 kg
Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

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Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

For over 25 years, the Swiss Sontex has offered innovative systems for the precise collection of energy consumption data. We thus support our clients in the efficient use of resources and in energy saving.

Sontex heat meters and heat cost allocators can be adapted very flexibly to your needs and integrated in a home automation or billing system. According to application, our clients choose bidirectional radio or open OMS standard for reliable and safe connection to readout systems. Our developers support you if you have questions about new trends, e.g. the LoRa pilot project or smart grid networks. ZERO Home bills ZERO Utility Bills

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Weight 5.795 kg
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