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Spiro Vent De-aerator

Sublime deaerator

If air is not sufficiently removed from the installation fluid, many inconveniences and issues arise which cannot be prevented by manual venting every now and then. However, Spirotech has the ideal product to remove even the smallest air bubbles from the installation water: the SpiroVent micro-bubble deaerator. At the core of this product is the Spirotube, which removes circulating air and trapped air bubbles from the water in a highly effective manner.

Optimum effect without pressure drop

The SpiroVent is placed in the full flow, but barely affects the pressure at drop all. We have a wide range of SpiroVent deaerators available. The SpiroVent is available in both brass and steel, and comes in many variations as regards pressure and temperature.


·          Effectively removes the circulating air and micro-bubbles

·          Removes trapped air

·          Much faster commissioning, and removes the need for manual venting

·          Minimal, constant pressure drop

·          No unnecessary standstill

·          Wide range in pressure levels, temperatures and materials


Keywords: SPVENTDEAERATOR, Heat Pump Accessory

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Spiro Vent De-aerator

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Spiro Vent De-aerator
Supplier Part No: SEGRVP2.28
Weight: 1.885 kg
Spiro Vent De-aerator

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Sontex Superstatic 440 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

Spirotech is the number-one specialist in the field of fluid conditioning in closed systems. We value quality, innovation and service, as they have allowed us to grow. Spirotech is the right place for top-quality products and custom advice.

Spirotech solutions are not limited to fittings and accessories manufacture, Spirotech also offers knowledge and information. Whether your project concerns a single-family house, a major non-residential structure or an industrial process, Spirotech helps you significantly improve performance.

Spirotech office and production facilities are located in Helmond (NL). We have our own sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Belgium, India and China. The North American and Canadian markets are served by our sister company Spirotherm, Inc. in Chicago. In addition to this, Spirotech is represented by an extensive network of selected importers in over 65 countries.

Spirotech believes in improvement and innovation, which is why we conduct so much research into new possibilities and into the development of even better products. Our major concern is to create optimum fluid conditioning to ensure your installation runs at full speed, but we also focus on such crucial aspects as maximum reliability and quality. As a result of this, our products and services lead to energy savings, process reliability, more comfortable environments, reduced maintenance costs and increased service life.

Spirotech’s products and services aim for optimal efficiency and functioning, with as little failure and maintenance to installations and processes as possible. And yet we consider more than the cost aspect alone, we value responsible use of energy just as greatly. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we have the in-house knowledge and means to supply products that combine all of these features.

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Weight 1.885 kg
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Accessories and Mounting, Fittings, Vents



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