Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller on Sale

Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller

  • Battery voltage 12/24/48V, 1250/2500/5000W maximum solar power recommended,
  • 80A maximum output current, IP54
  • EAN: 4250730211009
  • Dimensions:  310 x 220 x 120 mm (L x W x H) at 5.20kg
  • The Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller comes with 10 year guarantee as standard
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With the Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller, each installation is the best it can be with a maximized battery life due to an optimal charge.

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A 80A VarioTrack charge controller utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that ensures the maximum available power from the solar PV modules is delivered to the batteries.


The device meets the highest industry standards, and due to the high ingress protection rating (IP54), it is especially robust and well suited for difficult environments. In addition, it is fully protected against reversed polarity.


The 80A VarioTrack is designed to be used in all types of solar systems, and the combination of the VarioTrack + Xtender results in a highly efficient system. The communication between the devices permits the synchronization of the battery charge cycle regardless of the technology (lead acid, lithium, nickel, etc…). Unlike other all-in-one hybrid solutions, the VarioTrack + Xtender allows to independently select the appropriate capacity of solar PV and inverter-charger, resulting in a more finely tuned system design.

Main Features of the Studer Variotrack VT80

  • Simple and safe operation with full protection against incorrect wiring
  • Rugged and durable, the Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions (IP54)
  • High efficiency: 98%
  • Tracking efficiency > 99%
  • Up to 15 VarioTrack can be parallel interconnected
  • 4-stage charging for longer battery life
  • 8 predefined standard battery charging curves
  • Low power consumption: ON <5W, Standby <1W (night mode)
  • Display with 7 LEDs indicate the current status
  • Comprehensive display, programming and data recording with RCC-02/-03
  • Optimal use in a system with synchronized Xtender battery management

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The Swiss Studer Innotec SA was founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, current General Director. Since 1991, the company continues to develop its core competencies in the energy conversion. The Twinpower launch in 1994, then the SI launch in 1995; two sine wave inverters with many years of unbeatable performances, make Studer Innotec’s offer very attractive to demanding foreign markets.

solar charge-controllers-for off-grid-solar pv systems

Studer Innotec was established in Switzerland in 1987 and is a reputable manufacturer of inverters, MPPT solar charge controllers and inverter chargers. Studer Innotec’s products are not just made of high-quality components, they are designed specifically to have a long lifespan and are extremely reliable to give you that extra peace of mind.

There are three different types of solar charge controllers, they are:
  • Simple 1 or 2 stage controls.
  • PWM (pulse width modulated)
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
Add up the total watts of solar panels and divide by either 14.4 for 12-volt systems 28.8 for 24 volts or 58.8 for 48-volt battery banks. This will give you maximum output amps from the controller. If you don’t want to waste output in heat, size the controller at around two-thirds the rated output of the controller.

Charging your battery at 12 volts and 20 amps will take five hours to charge a 100 amp hour battery. By multiplying 20 amps by 12 volts, 240 watts is how big of a panel you would need, so we’d recommend using a 300w solar panel or 3 100 watt solar panels.

Take the power produced by the solar panels and divide by the voltage of the batteries. For example: Example: A solar array is producing 1 kw and charging a battery bank of 24V. The controller size is then 1000/24 = 41.67 amps.

A wind or solar pv charge controller‘s primary function is to protect your battery bank from overcharging. It does this by monitoring the battery bank—when the bank is fully charged, the controller sends energy from the battery bank to a dump (diversion) load.

You typically want to make sure you have a charge controller that is large enough to handle the amount of power and current produced by your panels. Typically, charge controllers come in 12, 24 and 48 volts. Amperage ratings can be between one and 60 amps and voltage ratings from six to 60 volts.

The exception to this rule is when using solar panels smaller than 5 Watts. Select a charge controller that is compatible with the system voltage. The standard configurations are 12, 24, and 48 volts. If you are wiring your batteries for 24 volts you need a charge controller that is rated at 24 volts.

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 21 × 12 cm
Product Category





12 V, 24 V, 48 V

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Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller

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Studer Variotrack VT80 MPPT 80A Solar Charge Controller for Sale

Modell VarioTrack VT-80
Electrical Characteristics PV Array Side
Maximum Solar Power Recommended (@STC) 12V 24V 48V
1250W 2500W 5000W
Maximum Solar Open Circuit Voltage 80Vdc 150Vdc
Max. Solar Functional Circuit Voltage  12V 24V 48V
 75Vdc 145Vdc 145Vdc
Electrical Characteristics Battery Side
Maximum Output Current 80A
Nominal Battery Voltages automatic/ manual set to 12,24 or 48Vdc
Operating Voltage Range 7-68V
Performances Of The Device
Power Conversion Efficiency (ina 48V typical-system) 98%
Maximum Stand-By Self-Consumption (48V) 25 mA > 1.2W
Maximum Stand-By Self-Consumption (24V) 30 mA > 0.8W
Maximum Stand-By Self-Consumption (12V) 35 mA > 0.5W
Charging Stages 4 stages: Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalization
Battery Temperature Compensation -3mV /°C/cell (25°C ref) default value adjustable -8 to 0 mV/°C
Electronic Protections
PV Reverse Polarity protected
Battery Reverse Polarity up to -150 Vdc
Battery Overvoltage up to 150 Vdc
Over Temperature protected
Reverse Current At Night prevented by relays
Transient Surge Protection 3000 Watts/ port
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -20 to 55°C
Humidity 100%
Ingress Protection Of Enclosures IP54, IEC/EN 60529:2001
Mounting Location indoor
General Data
Warranty 5 years
Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions h/w/l [mm] 120/ 220/ 350
Parallel Operation (separated PV arrays) up to 15 devices
Max Wire Size 35 mm2
Glands M 20 x 1,5
Network Cabling STUDER Communication BUS
Remote Display And Controller RCC-02/-03 / Xcom-232i
Menu Languages English/ French/ German/ Spanish
Data Logging with RCC-02/03 on SD card – One point every minute
Accordance To Standards
CE Compliant EMC 2004/108/CE – LV 2006/95/CE – RoHS 2002/95/CE
Safety IEC/EN 62109-1:2010
EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) IEC/EN 61000-6-3:2011 – IEC/EN 61000-6-1:2005

studer charge controllers logo

The Swiss Studer Innotec SA was founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, current General Director. Since 1991, the company continues to develop its core competencies in the energy conversion. The Twinpower launch in 1994, then the SI launch in 1995; two sine wave inverters with many years of unbeatable performances, make Studer Innotec’s offer very attractive to demanding foreign markets.
These products are rooted in the start of Studer Innotec’s export sales, which now account for more than 90% of the company turnover.

Today, Studer Innotec SA is one of the world leaders in the inverter market. The company  also manages a network of more than hundred « Distributors » around the world. Thanks to its exceptionally extensive products range, it is the only inverter manufacturer able to collectively cover the solar, nautical, mobile, backup and telecom markets. The company’s philosophy has always been to master the complete process; from the development to product sale. This is why Studer Innotec SA, since its beginning, is a company vertically integrated; therefore capable of far greater flexibility than its competitors.

Studer Innotec’s high-tech concept of its products as well as the choice for performance and reliability drive Studer Innotec SA to choose its components with the greatest care. This the reason why the company has choosen the latest technologies; such as the digital signal processors (DSP) that provide higher efficiency to its inverters.

Studer Innotec is an ISO enterprise that develops and manufactures its products entirely in Switzerland. It also confirms its commitment to an efficient and sustainable energy environment supplying to the market high quality products.