SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V

SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V

The SUNCLIX connectors are are suitable for both flexible and stiff cables. The cable cross section can be between 2.5 to 6 mm2.


The assembly onto the DC cable takes place tool-free, quickly and simply: strip the cable and feed into the open connector. Firmly push the spring clamp down and lock. Now just push the connector together and screw on the strain relief – finished! For the assembly you don`t need either crimp pliers or other special tools. Another advantage: if the cable has not been pushed in far enough, the clamping procedure is easy to repeat. For this you loosen the clamp spring with a standard screwdriver and open it up again.


You can rely on the SUNCLIX connector: it satisfies all requirements of the new PV connector standard DIN EN 50521, for example in regard to UV resistance, moisture protection and temperature resistance. Also in relation to current capability it measures up: 40 amps is no problem – with a cable cross section of 4 mm2 and an ambient temperature of up to 85° C. A further safety advantage: the convenient visual control of the cable connection. When the connector plug is open, the clamp mechanism is visible, in order that you can easily check the correct positioning of the electrical connection.

  • Rating 1000V, 40 A (with 4 mm² cable)
  • Compatible with conductors from 2.5 to 6 mm²
  • Temperature rating: up to 85 °C ambient temperature
  • Used on SMA inverters



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SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V
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SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V
Supplier Part No: 7552537
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SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V


SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V

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SunClix Connector Negative Male 40A 1100V

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Weight 0.013 kg
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