Tesvolt Lithium Battery Storage 20 kWh



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Tesvolt Lithium Battery Storage 20 kWh

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Tesvolt Lithium Battery Storage 20 kWh

Energy content:
usable capacity:
Max. nominal charge power (AC):
Max. nominal discharge power (AC):
Number of cycles [DoD] 70%:
Number of cycles [DoD] 90%:
Max. efficiency:
working temperature:
Dimension L x B x H [mm]
20 kWh
14 – 18 kWh
4,6 kW
13,8 kW
max. 90 %
+5 °C bis + 45°
< 3 % per month
1-phase (optional 3-phase)
520 kg
780 x 900 x 1900

Tesvolt Solar Batteries Logo

TESVOLT, named after inventors Nikola Tesla and Alessandro Volta (inventor of the battery), develops and produces flexible battery storage systems with high capacities.  TESVOLT has advanced existing technologies with its strategic partners, for example SMA SOLAR Technology AG, and focuses primarily on quality “Made in Germany”. The energy storage systems are produced in Germany, and the battery systems are also assembled in Germany.

The company was founded with the ambition to continue to drive the renewable energy sector forward. The company’s co-founders, Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert, have been working in the photovoltaic sector for many years, so they have excellent knowledge of the market and innovations in the renewables industry. Their main goal was to develop and sell economical commercial and industrial storage solutions. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community.  The best lithium ion solar batteries and solar battery systems from NASDAQ, Fortune 500 and Bloomberg listed manufacturers at best price; suitable for all weather conditions. 

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Additional information

Weight 520 kg
Dimensions 78 × 90 × 190 cm
Product Category

Energy Storage, Energy Storage Systems, Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Ion Batteries



Rated Power (W/kW)

20 kW

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