Trienergia TRI105BC-BB 105W Mono All Black Triangle Solar Panel

£104.90 excl. VAT

  • Rating: 105W
  • Efficiency: 15.9%
  • Width: 990 mm
  • Height: 1,000mm


  • Photovoltaic Mono triangular module with 21 cells 156,75×156,75 mm (6”)

  • IP67 J-box for weather protection

  • Anti-hail module

  • Product Warranty: 12 years

  • Performance warranty: 12 years at 90% – 30 years at 80%

  • IEC61215 – IEC61730-1 Certificate


Maximize the generation potential of your roof space using Trienergia modules.
The majority of roof areas in the UK are hipped, which means they have irregular faces. This can make it difficult to fill all of the available space on the roof with solar PV modules.


Traditional rectangular panels:
Utilising the space with Trienergia:

The additional capacity generated by Trienergia panels filling the roof space results in an extra £170.00 of annual FiT revenue in the south of England. Calculate the extra for your region!

The modules are very versatile and can be arranged in various ways on the roof to maximise the use of space. Solaranna’s range of Schuco and Schletter clamps are compatible with Trienergia modules.
Our design tool will match your array with the most appropriate inverters, giving you the smartest complete system. String inverters work as normal and other inverters will be compatible depending on the number of triangular modules in your design.
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Trienergia TRI105BC-BB 105W Mono All Black Triangle Solar Panel

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Technical Data

  • Supplier Part No: TRI105BC-BB
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Rated Power: 105 W
  • MCS Reference: BABT 8618-02
  • Length: 1,070 mm
  • Width: 990 mm
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • VMPP: 11.32V
  • IMPP: 9.31 A
  • Voc: 13.83 V
  • Temp. Coefficient (Mpp): -0.5 %
  • Clamp position on panel: Long and short side
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Efficiency: 15.9 %
  • Pallet Size: Standard




Trienergia is an Italian company which manufactures all their solar panels in Italy. Trienergia is the first photovoltaic modules producer to produce a solution for triangular roofs, with the added bonus of making it look seamless. By using triangular and square panels, their adaptable system means that you can utilize all roof space for your customers. Trienergia modules have been studied and designed from Trienergia after making a careful choice of raw materials and making arrangements with a few producers in the world to start series production. Join our ZEROhomebills Community.

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Buy now your Trienergia TRI105BC-BB 105W Mono All Black Triangle Solar Panel!

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 99 × 100 × 4 cm
Product Category

Panels and Modules, Monocrystalline, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)



Rated Power (W/kW)

105 W

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