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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 440 CDi LPG Highflow Combination Boiler ErP

£1,871.68 excl. VAT

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow CDi LPG combi is a well-established floor-standing combi boiler that is renowned for their industry-leading DHW flow rates of up to 25 litres/min.

Designed to make installation as straight forward as possible, this boiler is supplied with a pre-plumbing jig and has a wheel-in tray which allows the appliance to slide into place.

  • A rated efficiency (SAP 2005 seasonal efficiency)
  • Suitable for larger family homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Both hot water and central heating temperatures can be controlled
  • Floor-standing boiler
  • Multi-directional fluing offers siting flexibility
  • Up to 10 Year Guarantee 
  • Built-in condensate pump – 4.5m head increases siting possibilities
  • Earth bonding strip saves labour and money
  • Roll-in boiler minimises risk of damaging flooring
  • Built-in filling link saves money and labour
  • Temperature control for CH and DHW
  • Floor mounting pre-plumbing jig
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Electronic ignition
  • Pump seizure protection
  • Fault finding diagnostics
  • Anti-cycle device
  • No ventilation grilles required in compartments that meet minimum clearance and access requirements



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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 440 CDi LPG Highflow Combination Boiler ErP

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Technical Details

Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Greenstar Highflow 550CDi
Part number 7 731 600 098 7 731 600 100
ErP Efficiency Rating
ErP Data Sheet ErP Data Sheet ErP Data Sheet
Solar Compatible  No  No
Wave Compatible  Yes  Yes
Control Options  Yes  Yes
Dimensions (mm) height x width x depth 850 x 600 x 600 850 x 600 x 600
Clearances (mm) above, sides, below and front 15, 5, 200,600 (fixed surface) & 25 (compartment door) 15, 5, 200,600 (fixed surface) & 25 (compartment door)
Maximum horizontal flue (mm) 4000 4000
Maximum vertical flue (mm) 6400 6400
Ingress protection rating X4D X4D
Wall mounting jig supplied No  No
Central heating output (kW) 29 30
Max DHW output (kW) 29.5 41.1
Hot water flow rate 35°c ∆T (litres per minute) 20 @ 35°c ∆T 25 @ 35°c ∆T
Minimum inlet pressure (bar) 1.5 1.5
NOx emissions (mg/kWh) 33.3 32.2
Lift weight (kg) 112 112


worcester bosch logo 1

Worcester, Bosch Group (commonly referred to as Worcester or Worcester-Bosch) is a United Kingdom based domestic heating and hot water products manufacturer. The company was founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in Worcester, England. After changing its name to Worcester Heat Systems Ltd, in 1992 the company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, adopting the new name of Worcester, Bosch Group.

The headquarters is based in Warndon. The company employs more than 2,000 people across the headquarters and manufacturing plants in Worcester and Clay Cross, Derbyshire, including a network of over 300 service engineers and over 80 technically trained field sales managers. Join our ZERO Home Bills CommunityBEST Products from the BEST Brands at the BEST Prices on ZEROhomebills.com by Solaranna. 

BUY NOW the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 440 CDi LPG Highflow Combination Boiler ErP!

Additional information

Weight 112 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 85 cm
Product Category

Boilers, HEATING AND COOLING, Combi Boilers, LPG Boilers


Bosch, Worcester Bosch

Rated Power (W/kW)

44 kW