The most powerful solar panels in the world 2020-2021

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  1. You can tell me if my money was stolen. They do not answer email and my order was not processed. Tell me if so, if not, to proceed legally. Order # 39005
    1. Author
      Many of us are in furlough due to Covid; meaning almost everything is fully automated; and some of the 400-900 mails we received daily (beside the actual orders) are/were filtered. Just checked your order. This s Growatt Monitor £124.96. This package was returned to UK warehouse by DPD (carrier). We do not even understand why. We will be again fully operational from the 9th of October; date when majority of us will be out of quarantine travelling back to the UK from Germany and Lux. We will ship this item for FREE for you; in the mean time I just gave you a full refund. You will have the confirmation in your mailbox within minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience. It happens. Refund was just completed.

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