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Primus Wind Turbine Install – DIY explained by American Homestead. The simplest way to install your Primus Windpower wind turbine. Shop for WIND products here>> View our wind turbine product range here>> Primus Wind Power, Inc. manufactures wind power turbines. Its products include Air Silent X, Air 30 Turbine, Air 40 Turbine, Air Breeze Turbine, […]

Will these be the Top 10 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla in 2018 2019? Will see. Afters years of rumors about the next generation of electric vehicles, we finally have some real cars on the docket. Breakthroughs in technology, dropping battery costs, and a horse-race between automakers have yielded products that must be considered game-changers: 200-mile EVs that will run consumers […]

  ESS (Energy Storage System) Webinar by Victron Energy Matthijs Vader

Europa Studio Australia Pty Ltd. has been shaping its customer’s environment in last 20 years with innovative solutions.   Sustainable Awards . ENERGY GLOBE AWARD 2014 National Energy Globe Award – Vienna / Austria GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2014 Green Architecute Award – Chicago / USA EUROSOLAR PRIZE 2012 European Solar Prize – Berlin / Germany […]

Bloomberg projects the demise of the world’s oil markets by 2040 In this video, Bloomberg’s Tom Randall does the math on when oil markets might be headed for the big crash. I think that the added factor of combustion engines becoming more efficient through the use of lighter materials and technologies such as start-stop control, […]

Happy Earth Day! Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space by NASA. GO GREEN! REduce, REcycle! REuse!   SHOP and REDUCE your home and utility bills to ZERO with our products and services.  BEST products, from the BEST brands at BEST prices available. SHOP and REDUCE your home and utility bills now with Happy Earth Day! Solaranna. SHOP […]

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), a global leader in the solar PV industry, today announced it has introduced its new dual glass module “Eagle Dual” at PV Expo in Tokyo, Japan. The Eagle Dual is by far the most efficient, durable and only framed dual glass module on the market. It is […]

Technical Tips – Diagnosing error code Vac-Bfr-Vac-Srr or Event 801 (Grid Failure) If the grid voltage goes outside the acceptable range due to a black-out, a spike, or voltage fluctuations in the utility grid, SMA inverters will quickly disconnect from the grid for safety reasons. SMA’s Technical Service Specialist demonstrates how to check the cause […]

What if there was an infinite source of energy that would never run out? Energy everyone had equal and abundant access?